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This striking perennial forms a clump of grassy leaves; flag-like flowers are a sumptuous lavender-red; excellent cut flower; attracts butterflies and hummingbirds; deer resistant; drought tolerant once established; easy to grow, durable and hardy.

flag-like flowers are a sumptuous lavender-red

Brilliant planted on slopes, along streams or ponds, in borders, containers, mass plantings and water-wise gardens

Iris sibirica 'Lavender Queen'

(Lavender Queen Iris)




3 (-40°F/-40°C)


Full sun to part shade


Foliage Height

36" (91 cm)


24" (61 cm)

Flower Height

48" (122 cm)

Flower Colour

Rich lavender-red flowers

Bloom Time

May - June

Watering Needs

Moderate-Low. Drought tolerant once established

Soil Preferences

Tolerates a wide range of soil types

Plant Care Tips

Caring for Siberian Irises is easy! They are very disease resistant and need very little attention. While they tolerates a wide range of soil, these irises do best in a rich soil containing organic material. Mulching will help conserve soil moisture in summer and will help keep down weeds. Fertilize the plants in early spring and after the bloom season. While Siberian Irises are surprisingly drought tolerant, they do best with regular watering, particularly during the spring. Removing the bloom stalks at the end of the season keeps the plants tidies up the plants nicely and keeps them from reseeding. Cut back the foliage to 1-2 inches above the ground only when it has gone dormant. Siberian Irises are long-lived (about 10 years). When the clumps produce fewers flowers, divide them (preferably in spring or, if necessary, late summer). New clumps will take about 3 years to establish and begin blooming profusely.