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Availability Lists

BC Interior Availability List (PDF)

Alberta Availability List (PDF)

Delivery Routes

BC Interior Availability List (Excel)

Alberta Availability List (Excel)

Price List

We grow a wide range of ornamental grasses and perennials (including many Water Smart selections). Availability changes throughout the growing season. Refer to our current 'Availability Lists' to see what plant varieties are presently ready for sale in our greenhouses.

If the link isn't active, we are currently not shipping product to your region. Orders can still be picked up from us directly or we can deliver via West Coast Floral or Mainland Floral. It is your responsibility to contact the carriers and arrange delivery, but we will deliver your order to them. (When shipping is arranged using outside sources, please use our Lower Mainland Availability List, as this gives you prices without shipping.)

Once we start shipping to the Interior and Alberta, please use the appropriate list if you wish us to deliver your order to you.